About airsoft team Fallens


Fallens is new airsoft squad with story from old times. The first Fallen eq. Fallen_01 was Lucifer. We mean the Lucifer Morningstar from the TV show called Lucifer - definitly we are not followers of the Lucifer known from christianity. This is the reason why we begins counting from 02. We find a certain form in names of Archangels - a lot of their names ends on the suffix "el". For example: Gabriel, Michael, Azrael, Ariel... So we are adapted our nicknames to this form and this is the result:

  • Fallen_02 - Mediel
  • Fallen_03 - Puzzliel
  • Fallen_07 - Maličkyel
  • Fallen_09 - Volkyel
  • Fallen_10 - Adriel
  • Fallen_12 - Georgiel

Who we are

  • Who we areWe are a group of friends founded in late 2020 by Mediel
  • Our field of activity is mainly in the Czech Republic in the Central Bohemian Region , but we have no problem going almost anywhere
  • We're not targeting or copying any specific unit or army - We are Fallens!
  • We're a bunch of friends, we don't need to chase ego
  • The goal of our group is to spread airsoft and unite the airsoft community
  • We are one of the few teams with their own airsoft shop with purchase prices for members and alliance allies
  • We count kills and death - put up with it ...: D